What is this thing we call hope?

I’ve been thinking about hope today. It’s a feeling of expectation and desire for a something to happen. It’s a wish for the future, a dream, a design to try, a cancer to survive. Hope is not finite, not a simple “I hope that I survive this or that I hope to get a new bike.”Hope is a place, a possibility and smile, hug and a hand reaching out. It’s a wink and a smile.  It’s a guidance into the journey ahead, into the unknown. Sometimes it’s filled with beauty and fairy tales and other times it’s filled with only a tick of a clock – a tiny hop forward into the future, a blink in time, a pause.I’ve been thinking about this because I have hoped in many ways. And I have a familiar story of hoping to survive my cancer – being selfish and hoping for many more than the twenty-one years that I have been gifted. I hope, always.Hope can also happen when it’s the least likely time, when you find out that you aren’t that special. Things can and do happen to you
Here is a story sponsored by TED about hope.It is the story about a mother and her daughter.
Hope is a smile, it is warmth and  smile.

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