Six month check-up and CT Scan for Lung Cancer

Hello everyone- I am sorry about the lapse in time for writing. I’ve been very busy. I joined a pulmonary Rehab center at my local Hospital and have been learning to breathe more efficiently, exercising and generally feeling much much better, more so than I have in a very very long time. My periods of depression have turned into short periods of frustration. I feel that I can do so much more than my lungs will allow me right now. Two weeks ago I graduated from rehab and now I’m on my own for a while to continue my progress. I will return after I recover from another procedure! I feel like a horse at the starting gate, before the gate is pulled back, rearing and prancing, waiting for everyone to be left in my dust!

Last Thursday I had my six month CT scan and everything looks great. The inflammation caused by my Photon Radiation have reduced a lot! No other obvious changes have occurred, but we are waiting for the final report from the radiologist. Waiting, waiting, waiting..

My CT table

Breathing tests

During my second lung cancer my left pulmonary artery was nicked and when it was re-sewn the inner circumference was smaller, not allowing enough blood flow to properly open and close the valves for proper air flow. My surgeon recently found that any natural improvement to increase the flow had stopped and I might benefit from an arteriorgram to stretch the artery. After a few more extra tests that showed that indeed a stretching might help I set up an appointment for surgery for the end of May. I spoke for quite a while with the Interventional Radiologist. An interventional radiologist is a specialist who uses radiological image guidance during procedures. This was a new one for me.

I have now entered the waiting game again. Waiting for May 24th to go up to Boston by train. We will be staying overnight. Dave will take the train home and come back for me the next day. I’ll be staying the night for observation.

I have started a new post about my chemo experience (and I am hopeful that will publish that before I go up to Boston!

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers!



4 thoughts on “Six month check-up and CT Scan for Lung Cancer

  1. Barbara Washburn says:

    Yes, dear Merry! You are in my prayers and I think of you more often than you could know. I want you to continue to improve so that starting gate can be flung open and the race WON!

  2. Luiza says:

    I loved seeing a new post and hooray for the good news on the scan 🙂 I will be rooting for the best outcome at the end of the month. You got this!

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