Cancer Disease

February 6, 2018

Cancer Disease
Photon Radiation Machine

Cancer disease certainly is an up and down roller coaster. Lung Cancer CT Scans are usually taken after three months from a final radiation treatment. My results are : no evidence of cancer! Yay!

Both Dave and I woke filled with anxiety. I was so anxious about the findings from the CT Scan that it took an anti-nausea pill and a dropper of Hemp oil to just get me out of the house. It was like an old enemy’s visit, this cancer disease, always threatening and foreboding.

I wasn’t afraid of the results of the Photon Radiation but of the CT results. This scan would show that two ground glass nodules that I have in my lower left lung had grown and become new cancers. Had it changed? Did it grow? Doctors don’t talk about” what ifs” and it’s very confusing because some ground glass turn into cancer eventually and some don’t. I have had many of them. And as my lung tissue diminishes with every treatment I worry about the next one. Are more radiation treatments still an option? Are my options all dried up?

But things are never that easy. I have pneumonitis now.

Pneumonitis is an inflammation of lung tissue [1][2] due to factors other than microorganisms. Those can be radiation therapy of the chest [3], exposure to medications used during chemo-therapy, the inhalation of debris (ie animal dander), of food particles during vomiting, herbicides or fluorocarbons and some systemic diseases.

It is distinguished from pneumonia on the basis of causation as well as its manifestation since pneumonia can be described as pneumonitis combined with consolidation and exudation of lung tissue due to infection with microorganism.[4]  

When we left Boston, we were incredibly thankful for my diagnosis and worried about my pneumonitis. Would it increase or stay the same? Only time would tell.

PS. I want to bring you up-to-date on what is going on with my blog. Tuesday morning, just before we left for the train to Boston I received an email from a cancer site, telling me that I had won a badge for being one of the top 10 lung cancer blogs on that site!  I will be a guest blogger!. I am happy to report that  my posts are also posted on the IHADCANCER blog!!


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  1. Linn says:

    Yes I am extremely thankful for the diagnosis and it is an incredible relief. Congratulations on your award for the blog. It is much deserved!

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