Lung cancer and COVID-19

If you have lung cancer you do not want to contact COVID-19. Our immune systems are compromised and if we are older than that is a double whammy. Please heed all precautions to protect yourselves. This is from MGH, Massachusetts Hospital where I receive treatments. COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Patient Information Bulletin Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer […]

Hope and Fear

                                                              Hope and Fear are a driving force of lung cancer I have been thinking more and more about surviving cancer and the hope and fear that drive me. I have lived this every day and every night for the past twelve years. The third of October was my 22nd anniversary with lung cancer (1997). […]

Chemotherapy cocktail

2008 Chemotherapy Cocktail While sitting in my chair waiting for my first chemotherapy cocktail I wondered what others in the room were thinking. This was my first day of chemotherapy and I would have two chemicals, Cisplatin and Navelbine, alternating twice a week for the next four months. Did they feel like me, excited and […]

New Year

1/2018 I hope that all of you have a very healthy, happy and peaceful New Year. I thank you all for reading and following my blog. My deep appreciation to those of you for sharing it with someone and I hope that somewhere someone will benefit from it. Best wishes, Merry “Hope Smiles from the […]

Photon Radiation Treatment

October, 201 My first Photon Radiation Treatment followed an earlier appointment for me to get fitted for a mold for my treatments.This would keep me in the correct position for the beams to hit their target. I had to have a “dry run” too. This means a practice session to make sure that all mapping […]

Multi-focal Adenocarcinoma of the Lungs

September, 2017 I had Multi-focal Adenocarcinoma of the lungs. My long – time surgeon, Dr. Henning Gaissert saw the nodule in my last CT Scan. He had already had a conference with my oncologist Dr. Jennifer Temel, her assistant and my radiologist Dr. Henning Willers. We (Dave and I) talked about a plan for me […]

Non-Small Call Lung Cancer

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September, 2017 My Non Small Cell Lung cancer It’s Back again Some of you know by now that my non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is back again. This is draining way too much of me and Dave, both emotionally and physically. I was not afraid of the treatments that need to be done or the […]